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About me

My name is Nikola Milosevic from Nis (Serbia), I have a PHD in the field of sport, assistant professor at the Faculty of sport and physical education, national and Olympic couch of judo national team of Serbia.
Also i’m a great devotee of Bullmastiff breed, dog training for me represents a great love and passion, which is my oasis of peace and best anti stress therapy.

NIkola Milosevic

Home of Guardians

Home of Guardians is a Bullmastiff kennel with over 12 years of expertise and tradition. Our
work is solely based on the Bullmastiff breed, as we strive to present you with the best litters
and examples of the breed.

We establish a special connection with every dog in our kennel and we make sure they get all
the attention and care they need, from choosing the right bloodline combinations, to breeding
and nurturing the dogs, then sending them to their new homes in a safe and responsible
We have worked with breeders and dog lovers from all over the world. You can find our dogs
in the United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Ghana, Greece,
Slovenia, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria etc.

In the beginning we worked as a part of the Royal Beast Kennel.
Our dogs have achieved over 50 victories on national and international dog shows, and still
continue to do so.

At the moment, our most successful dog is Multi Champion Argentum Dux Audentia At
Royal Beast.

Feel free to contact us for any information and details regarding our dogs.
Regards, Nikola Milosevic.